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Hi-Standard - 2020 - Live At Yokohama Arena 20181222

Punk Rock

01.My Heart Feels So Free (Live)
02.All Generations (Live)
03.Close To Me (Live)
04.We’re All Grown Up (Live)
05.This Is Love (Live)
06.Tinkerbell Hates Goatees (Live)
07.New Life (Live)
08.Spread Your Sail (Live)
09.Summer Of Love (Live)
10.Time To Crow (Live)
11.The Pink Panther Theme (Live)
12.The Kids Are Alright (Live)
13.Lonley (Live)
14.Teenagers Are All Assholes (Live)
15.Can’t Help Falling In Love (Live) (Elvis)
16.Stay Gold (Live)
17.Pacific Sun (Live)
18.Another Starting Line (Live)
19.Starry Night (Live)
20.The Gift (Live)
21.Brand New Sunset (Live)
22.Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Live)
23.Free (Live)
24.Dear My Friend (Live)
25.Mosh Under The Rainbow (Live)
26.Making The Road Blues (Live)
27.Turning Back (Live)

mp3 320kbps; 186mb

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Date of public: 30 апреля 2020 Category of Music: Punk


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