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2017.04.12 - Pots And Shots 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition


01. We Are Potshot
02. Someone To Lean On
03. Radio
04. Handle
05. Time
06. Since Yesterday
07. Anytime
08. Clear
09. Under The Blue Sky
10. Tears Of A Clown
11. In Hi-Fi
12. Not Worth Your While But Worth My Life
13. Mexico
14. Change
15. Overflow
16. Someone To Lean On[Single 1996][Bonus Tracks]
17. Anytime[Single 1996][Bonus Tracks]
18. Things All Should Go Well[Single 1996][Bonus Tracks]
19. Overflow[Indies Magazin 1997][Bonus Tracks]
20. Clear[V.A. Misfits Of Ska II 1997][Bonus Tracks]
21. Handle[V.A. Skankin’ In The Pit 1997] [Bonus Tracks]
22. Under The Blue Sky[Demo 1997][Bonus Tracks]
23. Change[Demo 1997][Bonus Tracks]
24. I Can[V.A. Wankin’ In The Pit 1998][Bonus Tracks]
25. Is Mine?[Stay Natural 1998][Bonus Tracks]
26. He Says He’s Right[Stay Natural 1998][Bonus Tracks]
27. More About You[Stay Natural 1998][Bonus Tracks]

mp3 320kbps; 142mb

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Date of public: 22 ноября 2019 Category of Music: Ska-Punk


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