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The Rude Pressures - 2020 - Local


01. Local City Ska
02. Little Bird Walk
03. Rhythm & Blues
04. Rolling Stone
05. Pa-Na-Pa
06. Last Resort
07. Popcorn Reggae
08. Rise & Shine
09. Disappoint-mento
10. Gardener Hoping
11. Midnight Mambo
12. フランク シナトラ
13. The Sky Is Crying
14. Don’t Break Your Promise To Me
15. Bad Moon Rising (Bonus Track)
16. Blazin’ (Bonus Track)

mp3 320kbps; 119mb

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Date of public: 2 октября 2020 Category of Music: Ska


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    again? I insist minimum of the gratitude that which page and who published the album …..

    • Administrator:

      Do you really think that only you publish links to music on Facebook?! Where I took the link there was no mention of you!!!

      • JAZZYNG-BOO:

        Well, I would like to know the site because it is not that it is the only one that publishes music on Facebook that is certain but that is my file …. and I can assure you ….. all my files are backed up in case you don’t Have you noticed, if I mentioned that it is my file it is because I am sure


    I think the most correct thing would be for us to make an alliance to bring the Material of Japanese Assault Ska to this forum and if they agree to make me part of their staff